innovation in interactive and social media

We create

We fuse functionality and creativity. We design advertising and social media campaigns that drive success for our clients. We don’t fit a mold, we invent solutions using the latest interactive and traditional mediums. We create effective tools for businesses, channels and  and organizations.  Sunflicker understands that the landscape has changed. Social media is shifting exponentially,  the power of innovation is fueling a new landscape – one in which relationships can be strengthened, no matter the platform. Sunflicker  can help you reach your audience in new and innovative ways. We like what we do, we pour passion into our glass of lemonade.

We’re different

  • Our team members have previously worked in  with global Fortune 50 clients in several different capacities, which means we can bring effective marketing strategy to your business, no matter the size
  • We bridge the gap between traditional media campaigns and the current social media ecosystem by working closely with other professional agencies to bring you unparalleled service and stellar results
  • Our team has experience in systems architectural and professional project management, we know what it takes to build a digital strategy that can help your business grow




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